Thanks to Dix Hills Jewish Center, New York
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Oral Presentations at Iksal Village

Mallory Cooper's Bat Mitzvah Project

Thanks from Shefar'am Comprehensive School


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!
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New English Reading Library
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Thank you, Susan, from the pupils of Rotem Democratic School

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Experiencing "ActionIsrael" in Action


Letter from Myrna Silverberg, Israeli Coordinator of Books for Israel
18th September, 2014


Dear Teachers and Friends of Books for Israel,

I hope that this letter finds you all well and enjoying your students and the challenges that this school year has brought. I have been a bit slow in writing you, for with the high cost of sending books to Israel from the States, our donors have been reduced considerably. However, I am happy to report that we still do have some committed friends in the States, and they will continue to send good, authentic reading books to our schools.

We are interested in updating our lists--so please drop me a note and tell me if you are still teaching--what school(s) you are at and if you are interested in receiving books for your school's libraries.

We are also on Facebook. Please continue to contribute your experiences and comments about our wonderful project.

Our website is constantly being updated and has lots of information about how to use the authentic reading books that are shipped from the States. Please share this site with your friends and colleagues who may be interested in receiving books.

Wishing you the very best school year possible and hoping to hear from you soon.
Myrna Silverberg
Israeli Coordinator
Books for Israel

From Portland, Maine, to Rosh Ha'Ayin

ActionIsrael, Denver, celebrates 12 years with "Books for Israel" - 30,000 books to date, and still going strong!!


Dix Hills Jewish Center in New York has sent more than 18,000 books!

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Letters from Susan (January, 2014)

Yoni and Ibrahim (June, 2011)


Powerpoint Slides from Albashaer-Sakhnen (February, 2011)

Thanks from Kfar Kama Elementary School (January, 2011)


Ship books to Israel at half the price of the US post office!! (December 2010)

Books may now be sent to Israel from all over the US via the Louis Haber Postal Service, Darlington, MD: see shipping instructions and fees.

The Medium is the Medium (New York Times, July 2010)

Read why introducing books into homes that may not have them also produces significant educational gains.

Letter of Appreciation (July, 2010)

The very best expression of appreciation! Read how Shir Shtinits would like to say Thank You for the books she received from the "Books for Israel" project

Thanks from the Black Israelite community (February, 2010)


From the children of Illinois to the children of Jerusalem (February, 2010)


Matthew's Mitzvah (July, 2009)

Three thank-you letters from Neve-Dekalim School, Ashkelon (June, 2009)
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Article in "The Jewish Star" (Long Island) (June, 2009)


Thank you to Emanu-El Synagogue, from Psagot School, Upper Galilee (April, 2009)

Laurie Bader, Temple Emanu-El, Closter, NJ

Family connections (March, 2009)

Thank you, Benjamin - "Our school has formed a bond between the Reali family and the Gladstone family and look forward to a longstanding relationship."

Getting to know each other (February - May, 2009)

The "Books for Israel Project" provides a wonderful opportunity for people of different backgrounds to get to know each other. Read this exchange between Alexis Litke, a high-school student in Evergreen, Colorado, who has organized a book-drive, and Sandy Regev, the teacher from the high school in Ramla whose students receive the books.

Ben Malat: Putting Tzedakah to good use! (December, 2008)


David Kessler's Bar Mitzvah Invitation (September, 2008)


Thanks, David Lynch, from Nativ Hoshaya School (September, 2008)


"I work hard to encourage reading ..." (May, 2008)
Nancy Haloufa, librarian at the Science-Technology Elementary School in Central Pisgat Ze'ev, explains why it is so important for her school to apply for participation in the Books for Israel Project.

If you're interested in contributing to the Jade Bar Shalom Books for Israel Project, please contact the project coordinators.


Coby remembers his old school (May, 2008)


Welcome to new schools! (April, 2008)
New schools are constantly joining and benefiting from the Books for Israel Project. Watch this page as it grows!

How many schools do you think participate in the program altogether? Have a guess and then click on this updated list. You'll be very surprised!

Thanks, Noah! (March, 2008)
Noah finds our site, and Yarden School, Maale Efraim, finds a friend!


Raphael's "Request" (February, 2008)
One initiative leads to another, as can be seen in Raphael's request to put in a word about the m-bag situation when he receives an award from the White House. Read about Raphael's "Bedsidebooks" program and the recognition it has received.


Daniel's Bar Mitzvah donation facilitates a BOOK BUDDY project! (January, 2008)


Temple Israel's second book drive! (December, 2007)
Pupils at Kibbutz Kfar Silver are the lucky recipients.

100 Dr. Seuss books! (December, 2007)
Thanks to Samantha Harvitt for a wonderful collection. Take a moment to download and look at the terrific PowerPoint presentation prepared by the very appreciative pupils of Beit Yitschak.

"Olam Tikvah" (November, 2007)
Bev Sleph gets to see the school libraries housing the many books she has sent.


Thanks from Yeshiva High School, Ramat Gan (August, 2007)
"His righteousness shall abide for ever ": this is what the Talmud says about somebody who buys books and lends them to somebody else.

Cotton State sends Books to Israel (July, 2007)
15 year-old Emily Trotz, from Memphis, Tennessee, has organized five youth chapters to send over 1600 books to schools in Israel.

M-Bag Petition (June, 2007)
"Books for Israel" has been affected by the USPS decision in May, 2007, to eliminate International Surface Mail, which had been used by many organizations and individuals to support meaningful, humanitarian projects around the world. Find out what you can do to help!

Bedouin School receives books from Toronto (June, 2007)
Read how one avid reader in Toronto has made a difference to a whole community, and how one inspirational English teacher has used the "Jade Bar Shalom Books for Israel Project" to enhance her students' lives.


Thanks from Ariel, Tirat Carmel (June, 2007)
Read what the students of this school have written about their experiences of the Second Lebanon War!


From SUMMIT, NJ, to SHAKED, Beit Shean Valley (May, 2007)




PowerPoint Presentation by Michele Ben, Amanda Caplan and Mitzi Geffen (May, 2007)
"How to Use Authentic Literature in the Classroom: Some Constructive Suggestions"

David Lynch visits Israel! (April, 2007)

4000 books making their way to Beit Shemesh ... (May, 2007)




"Maryland Teens Flood Kiriat Shmona School with Books!" Article in The Jerusalem Post by Barry Silverberg (March, 2007)


New English Center opens in Kiriat Shmona (2007)


Here are photos from a book drive in Toronto, with the books going to Tel Mond: