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This page offers help for teachers and schools interested in participating in the Jade Bar Shalom Books for Israel Project. It is divided into two sections:
(1) What is the project about? Description of how the project runs ---- Administrative details
(2) How to use the books: Suggestions for encouraging extensive reading and tips on how to use the books.


(Click this photo to see photos of schoolchildren and teachers involved in the Books for Israel Project. This links back to the original site).


Report from a co-ordinating school in Yavneh
This report provides a description of the benefits of the project and how it works in practice

How to Receive Books
Form to be filled out by those schools interested in participating in the project

Questionnaire for Recipient Schools

Sample Letters of Thanks
Teachers and students communicate with bookdrive leaders: this is a sample letter from a teacher, written by Amanda Caplan
English teacher, Hativa Aleph, De Shalit .
Here are more letters: from Yeshiva High School, Ramat Gan (August, 2007), from Psagot School, Upper Galilee (April 2009), from Reali School, Haifa (March, 2009), from Neve-Dekalim School, Ashkelon (June, 2009), and from Kfar Kama elementary school (2011).Letter of Appreciation (July, 2010)
The very best expression of appreciation! Read how Shir Shtinits would like to say Thank You for the books she received from the "Books for Israel" project ...
Thanks from the Black Israelite community (February, 2010)

Participating Schools
This list of schools was compiled in April, 2008

Bookdrives and Recipients
This is a partial list of past projects and planned activities: please send us more information to help fill in the table exhaustively.

"Jade Bar Shalom English Center" opens in Kiryat Shmone
Revalyn Sack has opened up a new English center in memory of Jade.

Welcome to new schools!
New schools are constantly joining and benefiting from the Books for Israel Project. Watch this page as it grows!

Students from "Hanadiv" School, Metulla, opening up a book shipment:


Book Tasks
Book Reports are not the only thing to do after reading books. Here are 24 interesting tasks to give your students. Here are two Powerpoint Presentations from students at Albashaer-Sakhnen.

FRO's (Frequently Raised Objections!)
Summary of an ETAI conference presentation (Summer, 2003) given by Michele Ben, Amanda Kaplan, Mitzi Gefen and Adele Raemer (Teachers who are not used to working with books written for English speakers have lots of qualms: here are some responses to these objections).

How to Encourage Extensive Reading
Letter to English teachers by Laurie Ornstein

Practical Ideas for Encouraging Extensive Reading
Article to ETAI Forum, Spring 2004, by Michele Ben

Using Authentic Literature in the Classroom
PowerPoint presentation by Michele Ben, Amanda Caplan and Mitzi Geffen, May 2007

Books Make a Difference!
Read how one avid reader in Toronto has made a difference to a whole community, and how one inspirational English teacher has used the "Jade Bar Shalom Books for Israel Project" to enhance her students' lives.

The Medium is the Medium (New York Times, July 2010)
Read why introducing books into homes that may not have them also produces significant educational gains.

Corresponding with Donor Communities
The "Books for Israel" project provides a wonderful opportunity to establish communication between students in Israel and those in the donor communities abroad. During the Second Lebanon War, students of Ariel Tirat Carmel high-school expressed their feelings in poems and essays which they sent to students of the communities who have been sending them books. Have a look, too, at the correspondence between Alexis Litke, from Evergreen, Colorado, and Sandy Regev, from Ramla, Israel (February - May, 2009)

Do Books Belong to the Last Generation?
ETNI Discussion about Books, Reading and Book Reports (

Daniel's Bar Mitzvah donation facilitates a BOOK BUDDY project!
Adrienne Assouline of Kibbutz Yavne has some great ideas about what to do with the books she receives.

100 Dr Seuss books!
This PowerPoint presentation is a wonderful example of how to say "Thank You"!

Links to Extensive Reading and Literacy