Endorsements of the Jade Bar Shalom Books for Israel Project

I am delighted to be associated with the Book for Israel project. Books and reading are central to good learning of English, and to education in general. They are a bridge not only to the language, but to knowledge, to other worlds and ultimately to other people and cultures. But we just don't have enough. Some of our schools have no books in English at all; others have only enough for a minority of the students. Hence the Books for Israel project. If through it we can begin to fill our libraries, we will be deeply grateful to the givers, and assure them that the books will be read, read and read again by the students in our classes. [From original b4i website]

Professor Penny Ur
Teacher and Lecturer
Language Teaching Methodology
Ramat Korazim Elementary School
Oranim Academic College of Education
and The Education Department of Haifa University

The books that one society shares with another deepen emotions, enrich knowledge and extend understanding across continents. The Books for Israel Project is a celebration of freedom, and an important symbol of our shared sense of human rights and dignity. [From original b4i website]

Arieh Sherris
Research Associate
The Center for Applied Linguistics
Washington DC

This program will not only address a serious problem in education; it will build bridges between people of different countries, ages, religions, and ethnic groups. Let us work together to make connections in this time of division and strife. [From original b4i website]

Dr. Sarah Gilead,
Lecturer in Literature,
The Department of English Language and Literature
Haifa University, Israel

As a teacher of students with special educational needs for several years in Israel, it is a relief to see that "the Books for Israel"
will include attempts to encompass the needs of blind, visually impaired and learning disabled students. Every school in every sector in Israel has students who would be able to participate more fully in English learning and literature if only large print books and/or books on tape were available. [From original b4i website]

Ellen Hoffenberg-Serfaty, J.D.
English and Technology Coordinator
Learning Center for the Blind--Preparatory Program
Hebrew University, Mt. Scopus
Jerusalem, Israel