Article in "DHJC News", March 2011by Cooki Regina Cohn

The Dix Hills Jewish Center community has donated more than 10,000 books to the schools in Israel. We have made a difference in the lives of children. With limited funding from the government for books in English, and the true need for Israeli children to learn English, we have sent books to help develop English libraries in dozens of schools. I had the opportunity, with my husband Les, to recently visit three of the schools in Israel that have set up such libraries with the books that you have donated. We were greeted by children eager to thank us with presentations, speeches in English, gifts, and their smiles as they showed us the books they are reading that we have spent. What follows is an article that the English teacher in "Rimon" Junior High School published in their school's newspaper after our visit.

A Pleasant Visit from the US

Last November, after a little over three years, hundreds and hundreds of books and emails, our school finally had a chance to meet in person Regina Cohn, our book fairy godmother. She came to us with her husband Les and we went out of our way to let her know how much her books have given to us, and how much we want to thank her and "Books for Israel" for making our library a most complete one!

In this digital age, I still find it amazing to see so many of the students at "Rimon" going to the library to pick up books. I guess there is something to be said for the experience of holding a book on your hands and immersing oneself in the story and living it in our minds. To me, this experience is what gives to many of the skills we need later in life not only professionally, but let's face it, in our everyday contact with people whom we expect to have some knowledge beyond the obvious.

Regina Cohn and "Books for Israel" have been great friends of "Rimon". They came to us on their own offering their books, and what a difference have they made!

Thank you Regina and thanks to all those that support your activities in NY.