David's Dream Come True!

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David's visit to Israel (April, 2007)

David J. Lynch of Meridien, Idaho, visited Israel for two weeks in April 2007. His mission in life is Books for Israel and he personally has been responsible for sending more than 10,000 books to a variety of schools here. The purpose of his trip was to meet the teachers, see the students and visit the schools that were recipients of his efforts. David spent four days in Jerusalem, during which time he visited the Ort Space and Aviation High School (Dede Toledano), Ulpanat Tzvia (Rachel Friedlander) and Dekel High School (Barbara Shamma) in Ma'ale Adumim. He was driven to Beer Sheva where he visited Mekif Amit Junior and Senior High School (Mitzi Geffen) and Ulpanat Amit (Michael Benson and some ot the English teachers).

He met Shira and Eliezer Bahar (parents of Rena Cohen and Jade z"l) in Kibbutz Nachshon. He then spent three days in the Netanya area where he visited Beit Yitschak School (Myrna Silverberg), went to several ceremonies honoring our Fallen Soldiers and Independence Day Festivities. The following days were spent in Nazereth visiting the Salesian School (Areen Ghrayed) and three schools in Tzefat (Rachel Rifkind), as well as a great deal of sight-seeing in Tiberias, Nazereth and Tzefat. The last weekend was saved for Ilan Bar Shalom and his children at Mitzpe Hila.

This was a trip of a lifetime for David, and an unforgettable experience for all of us who had the pleasure of meeting him.

Here are two photos of David, Myrna (Israeli coordinator of B4I), pupils and English staff of Beit Yitschak School, moshav Beit Yitschak:
Top photo, top line, left-right: Vivian Garber, principal; David; Anat, Ayelet and Myrna - English staff.
Bottom photo: David and Myrna speaking to some pupils. All are dressed in white to mark Rememberance Day


David in his own words

(introducing himself to Myrna, when she took office as Israeli co-ordinator towards the end of 2006)

Greetings to you, Myrna - I'm pleased to meet you! May Jade's blessing be upon you as you carry on.

(a) I'm from Indianapolis, Indiana. My father, a Catholic, came from Ireland but my mother, a Protestant (Methodist) was living in Janesville, Wisconsin when they met. Their nine children, of which I was second, were raised in neither religion.
(b) I converted to Christianity in my mid-teens, owing to the influence of a brother and sister I met in school.
(c) When I became old enough to vote, I registered as a Republican - and still vote that ticket. :-)
(d) After graduating from high school, I joined the U.S. Navy. When my enlistment expired in 1940 I worked for a while, and then, in September 1941, I started college. On December 7, 1941, Hiro Hito's warplanes struck Pearl Harbor and the following April I re-enlisted and served on two different ships in the South Pacific.
(e) In 1997 I was admitted to the degree of Master of Criminal Justice by New Mexico State University, my thesis focusing on the paradigm Restorative Justice.
(f) My wife, now deceased, and I, married in 1945 and parented Elisabeth, Phil and Mark. "Beth" has our only grandchildren.

Prior to reading 16 Tons of Books and Growing! in a Jewish periodical (which launched me into Books for Israel), I had spent four years as volunteer staff, statistician and court bailiff in the Ada County Small Claims Court. After spending about six months doing both, I withdrew from the Court and have gladly given full time to Books for Israel. That has entitled me to the blessing God pronounced when He said to Abraham "I will bless those that bless you. He has kept His promise! I could not be happier.

Rena Cohen, Jade's sister, sent the following to me as gifts, and I appreciate them! Love Song, Becoming A Jew - by Julius Lester; The Far Euphrates - by Stollman; The Autobiography of God: A Novel - by Julius Lester. My head is still somewhat reeling, but out of the "mix" I discern that "Israel is an entity", and "listening to the authors individually and collectively is somewhat like going in and out of the twilight zone."

For 2007, I send these greetings to you and your family, from Numbers 6:24-26: The Lord bless you and keep you! The Lord deal kindly and graciously with you! The Lord bestow His favor upon you, and grant you peace!


Thank-You from Mitzi

Dear David,

I hope this message finds you well and over your jet-lag :-). I want to thank you very much for taking the trouble to come down to Beer Sheva and visit my school when you were in Israel. It was a delight and an honor to meet you. You also made a great impression on my 11th grade students, who enjoyed your enthusiastic reaction to their acting efforts!

Yesterday, to my amazement 12 mailbags of books that you sent arrived at our school. Some of them were sent on January 4th and some on January 31st. It's a marvelous collection! The most amazing thing is the only the day before, I was speaking with my colleague about our parallel 8th grade groups and discussing the end-of the-year project our students will begin on Monday. She said she thought the topic for her class would be "food" and I said I was thinking of "inventions" instead. Yesterday we started opening the boxes and to my utter delight, I saw the 24 volume "Encyclopedia of Science and Inventions" - as if sent to order!! I looked at my colleague and smiled and said "It's a sign!"

I have kept the white slips of paper which indicate the donors of the individual boxes, and I will send them separate thank-you messages. Words cannot express how very grateful we are to you for your incredible generosity to us. You have enriched our library beyond our wildest dreams and turned reluctant readers into children who get so lost in their story that they don't hear the bell ring! Thank you so much!

We all wish you excellent health and the strength to continue in your very good work.

With all the very best wishes,


What's done with the books?

Dear friends,

Eventually, after a long strike, we have returned to school and now I can tell you what has been done and is being done with the books.

First, I would like to say that the books that we got in the spring-summer have been distributed among primary, secondary and high schools in Ashdod and Gan-Yavne (a town located not far from Ashdod).
A primary school in Gan Yavne got most of the books for beginners. A teacher who works in ORT High school took the books for both her school and the school of her daughter who studies in a primary school there. Other books were taken by three comprehensive schools in Ashdod. All the people who got the books expressed their gratitude and appreciation of the work you are doing for us.

In our school former sets of books have become a real English library. The school is even buying bookshelves for the "English Corner". Your books are a real asset. All our teachers understand the importance of reading. We bring the kids to the library for the lesson of reading. Hopefully, we will soon have the "English Corner". So the books are a present which is hard to underestimate.

In addition, both experienced and beginning teachers enjoy the ideas found on your site. Many of them are easy to use and, what is more important, they work! I have sent the site to other teachers and to the area coordinator.

Your project is also important because it is not only about the books. It is about the feeling that we are not alone in this world. It says a lot to the kids.

In short, you make a difference!

I would like to thank you again.


Milla Feldman
December 27, 2007