From: "Lori Amchin" <lamchin@comcast.net>
To: <mggben@gmail.com>
Sent: Wednesday, January 02, 2008 10:13 PM
Subject: Books Shipped

Dear Michele,

Today we shipped books to you -- seven boxes of books are on their way.

I have attached a photo of my son, Daniel, at the post office today. He was a great help during this process. He asked all his bar mitzvah guests to bring books to donate, and many of them also contributed to the costs of shipping. Daniel packed the books, and did the paperwork for today's shipping (filling out customs forms and M-bag tags), not to mention some heavy lifting!

I hope you get the delivery soon.
All the best!
Lori (and Daniel)

NOTE: This shipment that went to Adrienne Assouline, English coordinator at Kibbutz Yavne ... another Bar Mitzvah story with a happy ending.

Here is a description of the BOOK BUDDY PROJECT that Adrienne organizes with the English books:

"I started the Book Buddy Project last year with a group of 14 high school students who came into the school once a week and who each read with one of my 5th graders. The older students read with the same kid and then filled in different things about what they'd read. They also learned to read recipes and made cakes together, and at the end of the year went on a trip together. This year I am doing the same thing with a group of English-speaking adults from neighboring communities who come to the school once a week to meet their book-buddy partner and read together. Both adults and children get a lot from the project.

Also, every lesson I teach starts with the children reading for 10 minutes and then filling in their reading journal

So, as you can see, the books are very important and all of them can really help us
. It is very difficult to get funds from the school to buy English books, as I am sure you know. For the last few years, I've been buying books for my pupils with the payment I receive for supervising students from pedagogical Colleges. When I heard of your project I was so excited - books are so important!