Coby Remembers His Old School

Coby is a young Bar Mitzvah boy who used to live in Israel. In 3rd grade, he moved to the States and now for his Bar Mitzvah project, he has sent books to his old Alma Mater Ben Zvi School in Herzlia.


Letter from Sima Kazaz, English Teacher (May, 2008)

Dear Coby,

Yesterday, we finally received the books!!!!! They are now in my car, and when I go to work this morning they will be unloaded! I can't wait! Of course they will be sorted into the different age groups, and whatever is suitable for the kindergarten will be taken there. I will write you again when the other English teachers and I have completed soring the books.

I can't tell you enough how much this is appreciated!!!!! Thank you so much.

Sima Kazaz
Ben Zvi School

Letter from Coby to Sima

Dear Sima,

Thank you for letting me know the books got in. I hope you and the students enjoy them. It was fun collecting the books and seeing what books people donated. Next time I am in Israel I will come visit.


PS I attached a few pictures of me with the books.