Thank you, Benjamin

Sharon Fayerberger
Head of English
The Hebrew Reali School
Beit Biram – High School
15 Aba Hushi Street

March 7, 2009

Susan Heckler
Books of Israel

Dear Susan and organizers of Books for Israel,

I am writing this letter on behalf of the general director, principal, staff and myself at the Hebrew Reali School in order to thank you and your organization for the most generous book drive that we received some weeks ago. We are aware of the time, effort, passion and dedication that go into collecting books for Israeli schools. This is indeed a zionist cause and a great mitzvah for which we are deeply grateful.

On 20th February, 2009 the Gladstone family from Boston visited our school and with them brought seven boxes (750 books). Benjamin Gladstone decided that this was the mission he had assigned himself for his Barmitzva project and set to work collecting books and donations to buy books for our school. This, in our opinion is a remarkable goal for such a young person.

No words can describe the amazement, excitement and joy when we opened the boxes. As a result the principal of the high school has given the English staff permission and space to open and English room which will become our reading room and English library in the not too distant future. Once set up we will send you and the Gladstone family pictures. In addition, our school has formed a bond between the Reali family and the Gladstone family and look forward to a longstanding relationship.

Once again, thank you for all your hard work and commitment. We look forward to using these books in the memory of Jade Bar-Shalom which will go towards strengthening our students in English studies.

Sincerely yours,

Sharon Fayerberger
Head of English
The Hebrew Reali School – high school division