Putting Tzedakah to good use!

From Ben Malat, Cherry Hill NJ, to TALI School, Hod HaSharon


Today at school my mitzvah project was chosen to receive this weeks Tzedakah. Meaning, that the Tzedakah collected today at school is going to help to ship the books I will be mailing to your school. Today we collected a total of $82.66 which will ship about twenty pounds worth of books.

The attached photos are of me and some of the books we have collected. I hope to get permission from all of the parents of the kids in my class so that I can send you our class photo. There are only nine of us in my grade.

Shabbat Shalom,

Ben Malat


Tali School, Hod Hasharon

Total number of students: 462
School runs from Grades 1 to 9
School website: http://tali.go.cet.ac.il/go/index.asp
School profile:
Tali Hod Hasharon was founded in 1981 by a group of parents who wanted to provide a pluralistic and traditional learning environment in the area. The uniqueness of the school is that it offers an enriched program in Jewish Studies, Zionism and Democracy.

Children come from the surrounding neighborhoods, all of Hod Hasharon, as well as from Kfar Saba and a near by Moshav called Elishema.
The socio-economic levels vary, from children who will not receive after school enrichment programs to those who, thankfully, lack nothing. We also have a large number of Native English Speaking children at our school (about 65 children in grades 3 through 9). They are either of English Speaking parents or have lived abroad a number of years.

The availability of ESL books in Israel is minimal and quite expensive. We feel the children must be exposed to literature in order to further develop their language skills and cultural knowledge of English Speaking countries.