February 28, 2011

Dear Myrna,

I am so delighted to hear from you and again. I personally think that those who do not thank each other for good deeds will never get reward for anything in their life. In fact, you will never know the great impact of these books over hundreds of students that i have been teaching this year.

With the help and the availability of books, I was able to ask the students to read different kinds of books and see many inspiring presentations in class.

Please see the attached files of two marvelous presentations of two of my students: the first is prepared by a ninth grader and the second one is prepared by an eleventh grader.

Your donations meant alot for many of us and especially for me. I know the true meaning of volunteering and caring for the others, regardless of their national or religiuos background.

Best wishes

Samar Akaria

English Teacher

Details of the school:

Albashaer - Sakhnen

Number of students:700

It consists of elementary, junior high and high school. the level of the students is intermediate to advanced (the high-school students are 4-5 pointers).

("Oliver Twist" - Powerpoint presentation by 9th grade student)

("Find a Stranger, Say Goodbye" - Powerpoint presentation by 11th grade student)